Paltering – to deceive with truthful statements

An article on the American Psychological Association website titled True lies: People who lie via telling truth viewed harshly, study finds (December 15, 2016) defines paltering: “the ability to deceive someone by telling the truth… Rather than misstating facts or failing to provide information, paltering involves actively making truthful statements to create a mistaken impression”

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Debate and Truth

Bruce McTague wrote a blog post titled Debating & Truth & Contrarian Ideas. The opening quote captures the essence of contemporary political discourse, epitomized by cable news networks.

“Debate is great for sharpening the mind, but I worry that really skilled debaters might internalize the idea that the point of discussion and debate is victory, rather than truth. In debate, if you encounter a compelling counterargument, you just try to find a way around it. But you should argue for truth, not for victory. Really good debaters run the risk of ignoring valid counterarguments.”
— Robert George, law professor, Princeton University

The quote comes from interview in The Atlantic.