Marketing Funnel and Customer Journey

Shahin Khan moderated a Zoom discussion on April 6, 2021 covering the topics of “Sales Cycle. Marketing Funnel. and Customer Journey.”  Panelists included James Hankins, Samuel Brealey, and Doug Garnett. Continue reading “Marketing Funnel and Customer Journey”

The Rise Of Complexity

Joss Colchester wrote an article titled The Rise Of Complexity.

« The reductionist approach has both its achievements and failures, out of it we have created a sophisticated and powerful body of knowledge that is one of humanities greatest achievements. But also by breaking things down and focusing on the parts it systematically de-promotes the relations between these parts and the different levels of organization that can emerge out of them. » Continue reading “The Rise Of Complexity”

Debate and Truth

Bruce McTague wrote a blog post titled Debating & Truth & Contrarian Ideas. The opening quote captures the essence of contemporary political discourse, epitomized by cable news networks.

“Debate is great for sharpening the mind, but I worry that really skilled debaters might internalize the idea that the point of discussion and debate is victory, rather than truth. In debate, if you encounter a compelling counterargument, you just try to find a way around it. But you should argue for truth, not for victory. Really good debaters run the risk of ignoring valid counterarguments.”
— Robert George, law professor, Princeton University

The quote comes from interview in The Atlantic.