Financial Analysis for Marketers

Northeastern University marketing professor Bruce Clark wrote an article titled Financial Analysis for Marketers.  He includes a diagram titled How We Get to Profit which pulls together all of the components he defines.

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Doug Garnett on tech startup pricing

Doug Garnett wrote a blog post titled Pricing and Complexity (Part 3): The Tech Obsession with Cheap. This post is about the proliferation of VC-backed startups offering “a premium product or service at a discount price,” including Amazon, Uber, Lyft, MoviePass, Dollar Shave, WeWork, Casper, Blue Apron, Spotify, Netflix, and StitchFix. “Yet Not a Stich of Profit to be Found.”

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Price and Complexity

Doug Garnett wrote a blog post titled Price and Complexity (Part 1): Communication Affects the Pricing Wilderness.

« Pricing is at the center of a very complex system… In a complex system the parts are inter-related and a decision made in one area immediately affects the decisions for one or two (or all) of the other areas as well… Price is tightly connected, in fact, to each of the other 3Ps as well as the rest of a company, to competitive moves, to distribution channel and to a wide range of customer behavior and psychology. » Continue reading “Price and Complexity”