Heather MacDonald wrote an article for City Journal titled The College Bureaucracy That Never Shrinks.

“The discourse around student debt—which now stands at $1.5 trillion—holds colleges harmless in causing that debt… But college tuition is not an act of God, beyond human control. It is a result of decisions taken by colleges themselves—above all, decisions to bulk up their bureaucracies. Bureaucratic outlays rose at nearly twice the rate as teaching outlays from 1993 to 2007…”

I discovered a new word in this article: sinecure — “an office or position requiring little or no work, especially one yielding profitable returns.”

“College personnel may lament shrinking enrollments in the humanities, but it is rising tuitions (as well as politicized scholarship) that fuel that flight.”

“All of which raises two questions: If Kilkenny’s nearly 40 years of diversity efforts have failed to put Georgetown’s equity challenges to rest, why is she being promoted?”

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