Doug Garnett wrote a blog post titled Practicing on the Bandstand: Some Thoughts about Miles Davis, Improvisation & Business.

« While success starts with risk, success also breeds bureaucracy. And there seems to be nothing bureaucracy fears more than risk. »

« What businesses miss is that while managing risk is critical, “managing” doesn’t mean “avoid all risks”. Yes, risk invites actions that others might later say are “mistakes”. But success requires taking smart risks. That means being courageous enough to take risks when you should. AND it means being courageous enough to step away from risks you shouldn’t take. »

« Risk is Not Important for It’s Own Sake. There are people in venture funded businesses and in advertising who become thrill seekers – mistaking constant risk with smart action. Note that improvisation doesn’t focus on crazy risks. Improvisation focuses on being willing to be in the moment and respond to what’s going on around you. These risks deliver a great product to listeners. »

« 1. You’ve got to take risks – that’s the only way music stays interesting and the only way great new things happen. That also means you will make mistakes.

  1. You’ve got to be “in the moment” …
  2. Improvisation does NOT mean working without a plan…
  3. Improvisation is NOT about drawing attention to yourself.
  4. When a mistake is made, you’ve got to be nimble… »

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