Farnam Street published an article titled Decision Making: A Guide to Smarter Decisions and Reducing Errors.

« What distinguishes consistently good decision makers from poor ones is a series of diverse mental frameworks and tools (as well as relevant specific information). »

« Your Mind is a Pattern Matching Machine. You probably don’t know it but you think in mental models. This is how you make sense of the world. Mental models are mental chunks of knowledge that represent a concept. Gravity is a model. So is probabilistic thinking, inversion, and entropy. »

« The Top General Thinking Concepts. Combining intelligent preparation — learning about the big time-tested ideas from multiple disciplines — with general thinking frameworks will dramatically improve your decision-making skills. These thinking frameworks help you look at problems through different lenses. We’ve compiled a list of ten of them, but here are the top three:

  • Inversion — Otherwise known as thinking something through in reverse or thinking “backwards,” inversion is a problem-solving technique.
  • Second-Order Thinking — Ask yourself, “And then what?”
  • The Map Is Not the Territory —The map of reality is not reality itself. If any map were to represent its actual territory with perfect fidelity, it would be the size of the territory itself.  »

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