Martin Weigel wrote a blog post titled Strategy Needs Good Words.

« Strategy is narrative… And narrative is how it thinks, expresses itself, and brings others along. Which is where words come in.. If you can’t put your strategy into words others cannot follow. »

« At the end of the day, strategy is the art of getting other people to do something.  »

« Persuasion. It’s the fundamental skill that separates the effective, high-value planners from the mere overhead. »

« In the words of the military historian Professor Lawrence Freedman: “Strategy only comes into being when there is a sense of actual or imminent instability, a changing context that induces a sense of conflict…  »

« Make sure there is a problem to solve or a challenge to overcome. Solutions after all, only derive their value from the degree to which they solve problems.  »

« Most presentations created by the corporation are without narrative structure. They are merely a sequence… of slides. »

« There are only two questions to ask of every single sentence that you write…

  • Does it move the narrative forwards to the next stage? …
  • Does it provide useful context and detail? »

« Unnecessary repetition and detours undermine the coherence and persuasiveness of your argument. »

« If… the nature of strategy is sacrifice and focus, it stands to reason that brevity is a vital litmus test of good strategy. »

« Small words chosen well and ordered carefully more often than not are strategy’s best friend. »

« Crafting strategic narratives requires time and an absence of distraction. »

« You are only as good as your words. »

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