The topic of John Lewis’s #innochat group discussion this week was thinking about worst case scenarios as a means to innovation, a topic broached by Kim Flum.
« As I understand the principle of what Kim is asking about, it relates to the ability/power of thinking ahead to prepare ourselves through developing innovate solutions to problems that we have not yet faced. Is that roughly it, Kim?!  »
« yes, as i was reading about stoicism, i was inspired by the idea of premadiatio malorum (the premeditation of evils) in terms of how we can use the idea of worst case scenarios to innovate. #innochat  »
« i wanted to explore how war gaming/scenario planning could lead to innovation in the real world. #innochat meaning, can we *imagine* the worst before it happens and innovate for it? »
« Transformation isn’t an analytic act, it’s a generative act. The #innovation imperative is to try more stuff. Rehearse all the time! #PerpetualBeta #ExperimentAllTheTime #Innochat  »
« so many folks confuse the two processes. you can’t do both at the same time. #innochat (artist corita kent)   »
« perpetual beta is genius! #innochat »
I’m conflicted at perpetual beta because you’re shipping unfinished product. Another way to think of it as restarting a new product life cycle at the top of the S-curve.

I was not familiar with the term perpetual beta, but later found it has an entry on Wikipedia.

« Perpetual beta (or the ‘banana principle’) is the keeping of software or a system at the beta development stage for an extended or indefinite period of time. It is often used by developers when they continue to release new features that might not be fully tested. Perpetual beta software is not recommended for mission critical machines. However, many operational systems find this to be a much more rapid and agile approach to development, staging, and deployment. Perpetual beta has come to be associated with the development and release of a service in which constant updates are the foundation for the habitability or usability of a service. »
« To my mind, whether it’s innovation or not depends on whether the solution that we find is novel. #innochat  »


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