The NeuroLeadership Institute website has an article titled 5 Ways to Spark (or Destroy) Your Employees’ Motivation.

« When it comes to workplace interactions, psychology research makes it clear that leaders can maximize engagement and drive lasting performance when they help their team members meet one another’s needs. So which needs should leaders focus on? Over a decade ago, a research team led by NLI Director and CEO Dr. David Rock identified five such domains in humans’ social experience. They include Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness, and Fairness. These domains make up The SCARF® Model. »

« Certainty. Humans naturally like to know what’s going on. We like to understand our surroundings. At work, we feel threats to our certainty when our roles or responsibilities aren’t totally clear, and when meetings start to go long, without any clear end in sight. Leaders can offer up certainty rewards by making their expectations known whenever possible, and by setting clear agendas and timelines for their meetings. » I would suggest Clarity might be a more precise word for this category. »

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