Arianne Cohen wrote an article for Bloomberg BusinessWeek titled Forget a Lifetime Commitment. Plan to Quit Your Startup After Five Years (November 8, 2021).

« A sell-by date will focus your energy and help you build a stronger business. »

« You’ll build a stronger, more valuable company.Most rookie founders instinctively put a great team together around themselves. This decreases the overall value of the business, because outsiders assume the company will only function with you in the driver’s seat. Also, if you’re working long hours, future purchasers are essentially buying a job for themselves, which isn’t always a strong selling point. Instead, create a self-sufficient investment. “Make it run without you,” says Luisa Zhou, who runs courses for new entrepreneurs. “Build your business as if you’re going to exit, with systems in place and as much automation as possible, so you’re not the person who does everything.” »

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