Charlie Mitchell wrote an article for CX Today titled Buyer’s Remorse: Are CX Teams Struggling with Tech Regret? (July 15, 2022).

« A Gartner study suggests that most technology purchases come with a high degree of disappointment. »

« Surveying over 1,100 participants – at manager level or higher – a whopping 56 percent revealed they had a high degree of “purchase regret” regarding their most recent large-scale technology purchase. »

« Another thought-provoking statistic – which goes some way to rationalizing tech regret – is that over two-thirds of people making technology-buying decisions are not in IT… Building on this point, [Hank Barnes, VP Analyst at Gartner] said: To shift strategies, we need to think about psychographics beyond the motivations for buying to also include how decisions are approached and which groups are driving the strategy. »

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