Suzy Welch wrote an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal titled Are You There, M.B.A.? It’s Me, Industry (January 27, 2023).  « Business-school graduates usually go into consulting, finance or tech. But there’s a whole world of other opportunities out there. »

« “Becoming You,” as I conceived it, would help avert this fate by encouraging M.B.A. students to think about careers another way—as a journey toward their “area of destiny,” the world of opportunity that exists at the intersection of their authentic values, their strongest skills and aptitudes, and the kind of work that interests and excites them intellectually and emotionally. Sure, some of my students would still end up in consulting and banking and tech, but if I taught the class right, others would have their eyes and minds open to—dare I say it—jobs in industry. That’s right, in companies decidedly not selling advice, professional services or shipping software and devices conceived by engineers—but making and doing real stuff. »

« I also happen to know, as you do, that there is a labor shortage. Companies can’t find people to hire. That explains why the big three are out there recruiting so hard. But why isn’t industry?  »

« Suffice it to say, today’s M.B.A.s seek meaning and purpose from their work like never before. They want to make change; they want to have an impact. They don’t want to be cogs in machines. Perhaps most important, they are coming to realize that no job offers security—not even one in banking, consulting, or tech. »

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