Jeremy Tate wrote an article for the Wall Street Journal titled Socrates Never Wrote a Term Paper (5 February 2023). “In the ChatGPT era, evaluating student performance through traditional term papers no longer makes sense.”

« Some have proposed the use of AI-detection programs to identify students attempting to pass off machine-generated content as their own… The more permanent fix would be to rethink the way teachers judge a student’s mastery of classroom material and come up with an option that doesn’t rely on essay writing.” »

« When the Socratic method is used in place of lecturing, students are forced to trade their passive role in the classroom for an active one in which participation is the primary measure of mastery. Named for Socrates, the ancient Greek philosopher, the Socratic method employs skillful question to test the limits of each students grasp of the material while the instructor and students explore the difficult ideas and concepts together. »

« Students that skip their homework won’t be able to hide for long when asked to offer an option on last night’s reading. »

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