Rick Nason and Douglas Reid wrote wrote a post called AI Ain’t Disruptive: Complexity Science Is!

“Ok, AI is disruptive, but it’s not the most disruptive technology.  The most disruptive technology is likely something that you do not even know exists; even though it’s existed since the beginning of time. That technology is the science of complexity, and as a consultant, you and your clients can either embrace it or be steamrolled by it.”

“Complexity science has been a transformational element in the physical and biological sciences since the 1970’s.  However, only in the last decade has the relevance of complexity science to business begun to be appreciated in full. The applications to business and to business thinking is profound, and in many ways counter-intuitive.  As AI starts to revolutionize business processes and business thinking, it makes a knowledge of complexity science and its implications all the more important.”

“Understanding and embracing complexity science is a paradigm shift for most managers and consultants, but it is an essential change because it ensures that humans will always have a valuable place in business and that the business can continue to create value. Complexity is what consultants bring that provides a long-term sustainable relationship; complicated thinking is a ‘one and done’ knowledge transfer.”

Rick Nason is the author of a book called It’s Not Complicated explaining complex systems in a business context.

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