Faris Yakob, author of Paid Attention, posted an article titled Full Stack Strategy, Cryptomnesia, Cultural Pendula & Fachidiots. Faris introduces the term full stack creativity, “by which I mean a person (or small team) that comes up with ideas, makes the stuff, looks at the metrics, and then makes the optimization decisions.”

“Digital brand strategists need to be hybrid thinkers, concerned with who and what and where and when and why — a complete system approach. Business, brand, behavior, technology, content, channel, social and so on.”

He also explains the term “cryptomnesia, which is when you have an idea which is actually a memory that your brain forgets it saw elsewhere.”

“One cannot invent without inventory.”

The article also uses the term Fachidiot. “The difference is that a one-track specialist still notices what is going on around him. A Fachidiot simply doesn’t.”

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