Mark Ritson wrote an article for Marketing Week titled Cadbury’s brand purpose is just ‘woke-washing’.

« Cadbury jumped the shark this month with its Unity Bar. Launched for Indian Independence Day, the idea itself is a rather lovely one. You make a special edition bar with dark, milk, white and blended chocolate and use the launch to make a point about celebrating diversity. »

« All the fine talk of unity and purpose that pervades Cadbury cannot disguise the distinct and disgusting odour of hypocrisy at the core of the company. Cadbury UK’s owner Mondelēz UK, which is part of Mondelēz International and also owns Oreo and Kenco, paid no corporation tax in Britain last year despite reporting sales of £1.66bn and profits of £185m. »

« The cynicism that seems to dog Cadbury’s woke-washing tactics is not just a function of our combined fatigue at so many big corporations jumping on the purpose brandwagon. It’s a special kind of cynicism reserved for a company that should, and once did, behave better than this. »

« There is a single, brilliant way for Cadbury to deliver on brand purpose and align with the company’s true position. Pay the full 19% of corporate tax on your profits this year, Cadbury. Every penny. And celebrate where that money will go and what it says about you as a company and as human beings. »

« Or, alternatively, reduce that tax to nothing once again and enjoy the extra money that this clever and incredibly legal tax minimisation bestows on you. But spare us the lectures on diversity, unity and society. Because we are better than you. We pay our taxes. »

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