Jared M. Spool wrote an article titled The Myth Of the Grand Unified UX Metric.

« The theory of a grand unified metric goes like this: By benchmarking competing companies on this single metric, we can get a relative idea of who is delivering the best experience for customers.   »

« Boosting a consultant-provided score seems like a great goal, until you realize it has no relationship to the experience the organization delivers to its customers and users. Improving the score becomes a game. A game not related to the important things that make the organization competitive in the market. »

« Unfortunately, the theory that a grand unified metric can tell us how well our products and services are doing is just a myth. No such metric actually exists.  »

« The bakery owner striving to have the best atmosphere shouldn’t use the same measurement of success as a baker trying to offer the cheapest baked goods. The metric the bakery owner should use needs to be specific to the goals of the business, not generic across all businesses.   »

« It’s ironic when organizations—working hard to create their unique value proposition—want to have a common measure to rank themselves against their competition. »



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