This is a 12-minute YouTube video of a panel with Bruce Daisley, author of The Joy of Work and Eat Sleep Work Repeat.

Some notable quotes about creativity:

“If you look at where people have their creative ideas, they often have them in that in-between daydreaming mode.”

“There’s a danger. If you look at most people’s calendars, they are heavily scheduled… and there are no gaps between things.”

“Once you recognize that ideas live in the gaps between things… then the fact that we’ve eradicated them… And actually boredom seems to be, in hindsight, one of these magical things. And I think we’ve maybe underestimated the power of it.”

“We’re so convinced that meetings are work, whereas, of course, that is not the case.”

“Ideas live in the gaps between things. Ideas live in daydreaming.”




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