Lou Adler wrote an article titled The Awful Downside of Job Hopping Syndrome.

« I make the contention that with the birth of job boards and instant access to open positions, changing jobs is far too easy and turnover has become far too acceptable. There is a cost to the people taking these jobs and to the companies hiring them. It’s called turnover, disengagement, underperformance and stagnating career growth. »

« I refer to this problem as Job Hopping Syndrome. It’s caused by overvaluing short-term needs without considering the long-term consequences. »

« Job Hopping Syndrome is a serious malady affecting 68% the U.S. workforce. »

« Once I find out a person’s reasons for leaving I typically ask, “What are you looking for in a new position?” I then categorize his/her answers into the short-term, i.e. what they GET on the start date or the long-term, i.e. what they’ll be DOING. »

« An overemphasis on what a person gets on the day they start is the fundamental cause of Job Hopping Syndrome. This includes a title, company name and reputation, a salary and location. None of these factors drive long-term satisfaction. »

« For a job to represent a true career move it must offer some combination of more satisfying work, a bigger role and/or more opportunity for learning and growth… The most successful people, as a result of thorough due diligence, figure them out before accepting an offer. Those who weren’t successful blamed the companies for making false promises. »


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