Philip Diehl wrote an article for the San Diego Union Tribune titled Water recycling project under way in Oceanside.

« Oceanside celebrated the start of construction Wednesday on a project that could make it the first city in San Diego County to be drinking recycled water by 2022. »

« Potable recycled water is “the logical next step,” said Sandy Kerl, general manager of the County Water Authority. »

« Oceanside has been pumping brackish water from the Mission Basin for more than 20 years and filtering it with reverse osmosis, the same process used to purify seawater at the Carlsbad desalination plant. The city now gets about 10 percent of its drinking water from the wells. However, the water level in the aquifer is decreasing and becoming more brackish. Recharging the aquifer with recycled water will raise the level and reduce saltwater intrusion from the Pacific Ocean.  »

Here’s another article about the project from the San Diego County Water Authority.


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