Michael Newberry wrote a blog post titled The Age of Delusion: Jerry Saltz, 2018 Pulitzer Prize for Criticism.

« Failure is not a qualification for critical expertise.  »

« Saltz’s stance of being a critic and giving an artist carte blanche is a disqualifier and adding that he becomes what he hates is repellent.  »

« In contrast to mediocre art critics, I love good art historians with their ability to discuss styles, artistic feats of genius, color theories, and comparisons. And watching their unselfconscious wonder as they point out Michelangelo’s ability to give stone the feeling and look of living flesh with pulsing veins skimming under the surface; or Monet’s ability to recreate the brilliance of daylight by changing the hues of lights and shadows…  Good art historians react to the artworks as if they are alive with radiant energy, and their job is to nudge students to “get it.”   »

« If you ever wondered how civilizations devolve into oblivion, it’s when con artists become the key communicators…  My addition to the “can’t do” expression: “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. Those who can’t teach, critique. And those that can’t critique, con.” »

« It’s time to return honor and insightfulness to awards like the Pulitzer and to institutions like the Guggenheim. Kick out the postmodern BSers and get art back on its evolutionary path. The world will thank you. Children when they grow up will thank you. And authentic people everywhere will have their faith in humanity restored.  »

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