Angela Williams, CEO of Easterseals, wrote an Opinion piece in the Wall Street Journal titled Coronavirus Threatens America’s Nonprofits.

« As policy makers respond to the coronavirus pandemic and its economic effects, they shouldn’t forget about America’s nonprofits, which are on the front lines of caring for the nation’s most vulnerable populations. My organization is a case in point. Easterseals’ national network of 68 affiliates provides services to people with disabilities. The closing of early-childhood programs, schools, after-school programs, adult day centers and other facilities threatens both their ability to provide services and the revenue streams that come from those services. »

« According to a report from the National Council of Nonprofits, 80% of U.S. nonprofit revenue comes from fees for services and government grants or contracts, 14% from private contributions, and 6% from other sources, including investment income. All these sources of money are in danger from the closing of facilities, cancellation of fundraising events, and decline in the stock market.  »

« Nonprofits employ more than 12 million Americans and spend nearly $2 trillion a year. »

[ Corona virus, COVID-19 ]

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