Carl Panteny wrote a blog post titled ‘Brand Purpose’ needs to be banned.

« It’s not a branding exercise. It’s engaging in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). »

« As Wayne Visser, eloquently explains in his book The Age of Responsibility: CSR 2.0: “Responsibility is the set of prints we leave in the sand, the mark of our passage.”  »

« If the ‘purpose’ is separate from how they conduct their actual business, then it completely undermines the principle. It creates an ethical silo. Where the only ‘purpose’ is to derive new messaging to increase sales. »

« CSR is about building from the ground up. Using it as guidance to make significant, long-term decisions which enables profit while minimising the negative impacts of commercialisation.  »

« Companies who are exemplars of this way of working are Unilever and Patagonia. CSR has driven and shaped these organisations at EVERY conceivable level.  »



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