Jeff Horwitz and Suzanne Vranica wrote a Wall Street Journal article titled Facebook Warned That It May Lose a Key Seal of Approval for Ad Measurement

« Facebook Inc. is at risk of losing a key seal of approval that gives companies confidence they are getting what they pay for when it comes to advertising with the social-media giant  »

« The notice from the Media Rating Council says that Facebook has failed to address advertiser concerns arising from a 2019 audit performed by Ernst & Young, most notably concerning how it measures and reports data about video advertisements. »

« The audit process arose after the revelation in 2016 that Facebook had overstated its video viewing statistics for more than two years. The erroneously calculated statistic—which Facebook acknowledged had inflated reported viewing times by as much as 80%—created pressure for the company to open its metrics for review. »

« Failure to comply within 60 days could result not only in Facebook being denied accreditation both for video ad views but in the broader display advertising category it has already been granted. »

« The group also asked to discuss Facebook’s apparent request to temporarily halt a separate process intended to reconcile the company’s statistics with third-party data from independent measurement firms. Facebook had asked Ernst & Young for an indefinite delay citing the difficulty of managing its platforms during the Covid-19 pandemic, the letter said. »

See also BadMen by Bob Hoffman.

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