Harold Jarche wrote a blog post titled Connecting the Curious

« Standardized curriculum dulls curiosity. Subject-based curriculum sucks the complexity out of schooling, as do age-based classes.»

« Standardized work reduces creativity. Standardized communities have little empathy for those who are different. Lacking curiosity, students and workers can become susceptible to simple solutions and disinformation. »

« Curiosity about ideas can foster creativity, while curiosity about people can develop empathy. We get new ideas from new people, not the same people we see every day. We get new perspectives from people whose lives and experiences are different from ours. »

« Social networks are made up of people and relationships. Curiosity and learning can create new connections between people and ideas. If we put our efforts into promoting learning — not schooling — for life, then we just might be able to create better ways of organizing our society. Constantly learning fractal beings can make for more resilient knowledge networks. »

« Finding ways to increase curiosity and make connections are part of the discipline of  personal knowledge mastery. »

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