Samuel Brealey posted a Twitter thread about market segmentation.

« So, segmentation. Is it a thing, is it not a thing? The answer is yes to both. It’s entirely based on context of a situation. What we typically see is lazy segmentation. Or a lack of knowledge around how it can be done. What most appear to think is segmentation often isn’t.  »

« Marketing is a business discipline, not a creative thing. We need to always remember that it’s about making more money for clients and employers. Therefore segmentation follows this rule. Use it as a means to understand profitability of customer groups. »

« Good segmentation looks at easy wins, those that are close to purchase or those who require the least effort to turn into customers. Simple example, customers in another city are harder to get. They have less familiarity, and media costs may be higher. »

« Another example, car owners with older vehicles are more likely to look at getting a new one. These are functional things. Essentially what we see EBI talking about with category entry points. »

« There has been no comment on red haired women named Jane with two kids. Why? Because that’s how you don’t do segmentation. That’s just looking at superficial differences in a person that bear no real, or little, significance to their relationship with a product or service. That’s segmentation for segmentation’s sake. »

« Marketers and agencies should be working together to fix this problem. Segmentation is about the market, not the business and certainly not just for comms. It’s a tool to search for easy wins. It’s not for superficial categorization. »

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