The Media Snack Live 175 guest was Bob Hoffman, The Ad Contrarian. The interview on YouTube was hosted by Tom Denford, US CEO of IDComms.

The following are inexact quotes from quickly scribbled notes.

~ 20 min. Bob: YouTube is the greatest thing for education since the invention of the book.

~ 23 min Bob: Everybody has the right to free speech, but nobody has the obligation to publish that speech. The “platforms” are really publishers.

~ 25 min. Bob: People over age 50 are responsible for more than 50% of purchases in the U.S., but they are the target of about 5-10% of advertising. It is a fable to have to target 18-34 year olds.

~ 45 min. Bob: We have to stop tracking people now.

~30 min. Bob: Good ads appeal to you as a consumer. Great ads appeal to you as a human.

~ 35 min. Bob asks, is the depth of targeting necessary?
Tom:  It is good for message creation, but bad for media buying that stalks people. Advertisers are paranoid about waste, but spill is what works. The BMW ad needs to reach people who can’t afford one.

Bob Hoffman is the author of several books including Bad Men and Advertising for Skeptics.



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