Faris Yakob wrote an article for WARC titled Brand is a Strategy.

« It became increasingly obvious that the brand, even as originally envisaged, was created by the totality of someone’s interactions: the advertising, the product, what they know and feel about the company, what their friends say, how it’s presented in the media, and so on.  »

« If the brand is created by the totality of interactions, then it is informed by the behavior of the company and thus brand strategy should always be the top priority for marketers. In this formulation, it becomes a core pillar of ‘capital S strategy’, undertaken with a deep understanding of people across every aspect of the business, internally and externally.  »

« To have values is to act in accordance with your beliefs. Unfortunately, recent research from MIT Sloan School of Management suggests that isn’t the case for corporations. The researchers compared the stated values of 700 large companies to data from the MIT Culture 500 report, which ranks companies on key values based on employee reviews. The analysis revealed that “there is no correlation between the cultural values a company emphasizes in its published statements and how well the company lives up to those values in the eyes of employees”.  »

Faris Yakob is the author of Paid Attention.



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