Dave Trott wrote an article for Campaign titled Generalists Beat Specialists.

« A specialist has just one part of the job that they’re very good at.

A generalist sees the overall job.  »


The article includes a story about how Bernbach’s advertising agency developed a campaign for Levy’s Bread.


« And they only had to get Bernbach’s approval, and Bernbach was a generalist.

So he could see how ALL the parts [fit] together.

The problem, the opportunity, the consumer, the media, the creative.

Because he was a generalist he was able to think in parallel not in series.  »


« Modern advertising is done the other way round to Bernbach, in series not in parallel.

Because modern advertising is done by specialists not generalists.

It’s done by people who can’t see the overall picture, just their own particular part.

Consequently, they think that part is always the most important part. »


Dave Trott is the author several books including One Plus One Equals Three: A Masterclass in Creative Thinking.

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