Mark Ritson retweeted a Kantar post, showing survey results by generation, with roughly equal results across all ages.  “This just proves (again) that demographic segmentation is balls. if we sliced the data by star sign it would almost be as useful.”

Some tweets from the thread:

Byron Sharp: “@BernardSalt can give many thousand of examples where demographics really matter. eg geography: where to site my stores, billboards etc”

Nick Miller: “Strategy based on demographic segmentation is likely based on assumptions and preconceived bias. There’s stronger behavioral and psychographic insights to be found within and across generations, locations and gender.”

Mark Ritson: “spot on. and if you can identify demographic overindexing in those behavioural segments then by all means rock on with them. but 18-30 is not a segment. it’s a bunch of people in the same age range.”

There are exceptions:

Nicholai Reinseth: “When I do pension fund marketing, I find demographic data quite useful. But hey, you do you.”

Mark Ritson: “possibly one of the few markets where demographics ARE behaviourally relevant. Ask me in 1990 about pensions and I’, like “?”, Ask me in 2021 and I have the Gettysburg Address ready and waiting. So its not demos but proximity to death that works.”





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