Lisa Abraham and Benjamin K. Master wrote an article for RAND Corporation titled Entrepreneurship in America.

«  In contrast to the broad belief that the United States is a leader in entrepreneurial activity, evidence suggests otherwise. Examining data on young firms—the engine of job creation—indicates a decline for several decades in the United States. »

«  the United States stacks up poorly: Relative to Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries, the United States ranks third from the bottom in terms of new business formation as of 2013. »

« The United States is at a critical moment in terms of its economic future, characterized by massive disruption to existing businesses and creation of new businesses. To foster a supportive environment for young firms, we need to know what works. This involves a deeper examination of macroeconomic conditions in the United States (e.g., population growth and aging and how these affect firm dynamics), microeconomic policies in the United States (e.g., optimal taxation, health care, and regulatory conditions and increased support for would-be entrepreneurs in the form of financing, advice, education, and peer exposure), and global factors that correlate with entrepreneurial outcomes (e.g., changes in market concentration and economic development). »


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