Thomas J. Pence wrote a blog post titled Long Weekends and Leadership.

« David Foster Wallace tried to articulate the mysterious quality possessed by genuine leaders.  “If you’ve ever spent time in the military, you know how incredibly easy it is to tell which of your superiors are real leaders and which aren’t, and how little rank has to do with it. A leader’s real “authority” is a power you voluntarily give him, and you grant him this authority not with resentment or resignation but happily; it feels right. Deep down, you almost always like how a real leader makes you feel, the way you find yourself working harder and pushing yourself and thinking in ways you couldn’t ever get to on your own.” »

« A resonant phrase I heard recently that really stuck with me was: “you can’t bring through what you haven’t lived.” We can intuitively detect hypocrisy. Chinese philosophy scholar and professor of embodied cognition Edward Slingerland’s book Trying Not to Try discusses the Taoist concept of “de.” This is a kind of charisma emanated by people who are acting in effortless harmony with the world around them. Slingerland thinks we are drawn to these people because we have evolved to detect subtle signs of insincerity; of talking the talk without walking the walk. »

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