Samuel Brealey wrote a blog post titled Marketing for the little guy.

« It all starts with now…  what is your business, who are your customers, who are you, and what is happening today. You can’t plan for tomorrow if you don’t know today.  »

« The first thing we didn’t do was to make assumptions…There is a reason most business fail within the first few years. Assumptions and guesswork is much to do with that.  »

«  The first thing we did was to look at the local competition, most people would just do a quick google search but that’s the lazy way out… This is competitive Market research, now my friend knows where he is. Now he knows where he can play, now he knows where he can get in to the Market and make money. By using what we found out, we recognised the biggest frustrations and annoyances … from a customer’s perspective.  »

« Now that we had that research information, we developed a strategy… A strategy is a simple, overarching focus that carries a business to success over the long term. Strategy is about understanding your customers, your products, and how a narrow approach will make you far more money than a scatter gun and spreading yourself too thin in every direction… It’s like having a road sign that says “go this way”… It’s about mitigating risk and having clear direction and not doing things that could waste your time, effort and money or worse, things that can hurt your business or even put you out of business.  »

« Strategy is bespoke … You can’t just copy the plans of others, that’s not Marketing. »

« Strategy requires total humility, to find out the reality of a situation by learning and questioning. By assuming next to nothing. »

« We didn’t incentivise with discounts or commission, which negates the quality of the work. Happy customers will refer you, otherwise you’re just buying them.  »

« The size of the business really doesn’t matter because the Marketing fundamentals always stay the same. »

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