Daniel Daimler wrote an article titled The Trickster Machine: Mischief, Myth, and the Surface-Industrial Complex.

« knows all the forms but none of the substance »

« Gary Marcus, one of the leading researchers in the field of Artificial Intelligence, is also one of the most vocal sceptics concerning its hype: “When GPT sounds plausible, it is because every paraphrased bit that it pastes together is grounded in something that actual humans said, and there is often some vague (but often irrelevant) relationship between.”  »

« The machine’s fundamental weakness is a lack of substance beneath the surface. Still, for many requirements in our present state of surface-industrial economy, this might be perfectly good enough. The machine’s greatest strength is our sufficiency with surfaces. »

« There is no doubt, the machine will keep getting better at appealing to our sense of plausibility, and this certainly will cause a disruption in the employment market for those roles (and more generally, kinds of personalities) whose primary resource value is to create and maintain surfaces, without any need or motivation to get at the substance. »

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