Amazon Fake Reviews

Isabelle Lee wrote an article for Bloomberg titled Amazon Fake Reviews Reach Holiday Season Levels During Pandemic.

« About 42% of 720 million Amazon reviews assessed by the monitoring service Fakespot Inc. from March through September were unreliable, up from about 36% for the same period last year. »
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Amazon Prime Day Emails are a Dumpster Fire

Ranee Soundara wrote an article titled Amazon Prime Day Emails are a Dumpster Fire. The article was prompted by some promotional emails from Amazon pitching very lame personalized product selections. With the vast amount of big data that Amazon has available about past purchases as well as searching and browsing history, she notes that Amazon was promoting products remarkably off base—a major marketing failure for a company for a company whose profits come from selling purportedly leading-edge AI/ML technology through AWS. Continue reading “Amazon Prime Day Emails are a Dumpster Fire”