Amazon Prime Day Emails are a Dumpster Fire

Ranee Soundara wrote an article titled Amazon Prime Day Emails are a Dumpster Fire. The article was prompted by some promotional emails from Amazon pitching very lame personalized product selections. With the vast amount of big data that Amazon has available about past purchases as well as searching and browsing history, she notes that Amazon was promoting products remarkably off base—a major marketing failure for a company for a company whose profits come from selling purportedly leading-edge AI/ML technology through AWS. Continue reading “Amazon Prime Day Emails are a Dumpster Fire”

Big questions for big data

Alex Murrell wrote an excellent article titled Big Questions for Big Data regarding limitations of data in marketing.

“Some things are important but immeasurable. In fact, I’d argue that the vast majority of human behaviour falls into this group. Pride, passion, anger, anticipation, sadness, surprise. These are among the messy motivations of our actions. They are hard for us to recognise, difficult for us to process, and almost impossible for us to measure.” Continue reading “Big questions for big data”