Molly Fleming wrote an article for Marketing Week titled Vauxhall boss: Digital was meant to be a money-saver but no one has saved a penny.

The article quotes Stephen Norman, managing director of the British auto brand Vauxhall, a subsidiary of Opel.
«Norman’s definition of a bad ad is very clear cut. “Bad advertising is when it makes no impact to the footfall of dealerships. Nobody advertises for the sake of it, you advertise to sell. We’re in this to make money.”»

« “If anything, we have even less idea today of what works and what doesn’t than we did [pre-digital]. At least in those days we knew we didn’t know, now you think you know and you don’t – that’s the big difference.”»

«“You can track the 1% to 2% of customers who do purchase online but what do you do for the other 80% to 90%? Do you extrapolate that? It’s one hell of an extrapolation.”»

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