Colin Lewis wrote an article for Marketing Week titled Strategy is a luxury for small brands – focus on being better known.

“The usual definition of a small- and medium-sized business (SME) is a one with fewer than 250 employees. Official UK government statistics say this is over 99% of all businesses.”

“There appears to be an assumption that small businesses should use essentially the same marketing ‘rules’ as bigger brands, only on a smaller scale… Let’s admit it: smaller brands have unique features and challenges, which are totally different to big brands.”

“Growing a startup is about entrepreneurship and sales, not marketing strategy… Even the startup world poses a trap. Startup founders often read blog posts and advice from Silicon Valley-based companies and believe it uniformly applies to them. For those of you not paying attention, the US, and, in particular Silicon Valley, is not like the rest of the world.”

“The major goal for a small brand is survival. The notion of brand building versus sales activation has no chance. Activation dominates, direct response matters.”

“Even Professor Byron Sharp supports me on this topic: ‘Many small businesses are more worried about whether they will be still be in business next year,’ he says… What guidance is there for the real world of small brands? Back to Byron Sharp… ‘the biggest battle for small businesses, especially those starting out, is that people don’t know who you are and they don’t know how to buy from you… They’re much more about thinking about convincing a few people, rather than reaching many and doing it over and over and over,’ he says.”

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