Doc Searls wrote a blog post titled Here’s a cool project: completely revolutionize shopping online.

« As entities on the Web, we have devolved. Client-server has become calf-cow. The client—that’s you—is the calf, and the Web site is the cow. What you get from the cow is milk and cookies. The milk is what you go to the site for. The cookies are what the site gives to you, mostly for its own business purposes, chief among which is tracking you like an animal. There are perhaps a billion or more server-cows now, each with its own “brand” (as marketers and cattle owners like to say).  »

« Your personal shopping cart should be a way for you to get scale across all of e-commerce.  »

Searls lists 12 ideas about what your cart could manage, such as:


  • Keep up with prices for things you want that have changed, across multiple sites.
  • Intentcast to multiple stores your intention to buy something, and say under what conditions you’d be willing to buy it.
  • Subscribe and unsubscribe from mailings in one standard way that’s yours.



«  It’s time to start working for customers, and making them more than just “users” or “consumers.” Think Me2B and not just B2C. Make customertech and not just salestech, adtech and martech. Give every customer leverage: By doing that, you will turn the whole marketplace into a Marvel-like universe where all of us are enhanced. »

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