Geoffrey James wrote and article for Inc. titled Harvard Just Discovered that PowerPoint is Worse Than Useless.

« A study conducted at the University of New South Wales in 2007 by John Sweller (the psychologist who invented Cognitive Load Theory) found that showing audiences the same words that are being spoken reduces, rather than increases, audience comprehension. »

« In other words, when you throw up bullet points and then run through them, you’re guaranteeing that whatever you say will be quickly forgotten. Not because you’re bloody boring, but because people can’t read and listen at the same time. »

« PowerPoint might even be making your team members less intelligent. As the woefully underappreciated How PowerPoint Makes You Stupid points out:

“PowerPoint’s celebrated ease and efficiency actually mask a profoundly disturbing but little-understood transformation in human communication. The slides, bulleted lists, and flashy graphics we all now take for granted [have] promoted a new, slippery ‘grammar,’ where faulty causality, sloppy logic, decontextualized data, and seductive showmanship have replaced the traditional tools of persuasion and argument [resulting in] the corruption of language [and] the dumbing-down of society.”   »

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