James Hercher wrote an article about what direct-to-consumer (DTC) brands have learned while making a transition from social media to television advertising.

“When Touch of Modern started running TV commercials last year, [CEO Jerry Hum] said the company was surprised to discover that much of its new traffic wasn’t from young, urban men, the audience it laser-focused on online. ‘If you restrict your marketing to specific audiences and online targeting parameters, then you’re going to miss a large piece of your consumer base,’ he said.”

“TV prospects can have more value than social media prospects.”

“While search and social media create deterministic connections when a logged-in user clicks on an ad, TV campaigns can only be judged probabilistically, since marketers can’t directly connect incoming traffic to the commercial, Hum said. Despite the greater value of deterministic audiences however, he said TV campaigns drive higher-value customers with higher lifetime value.”

This findings in this article are consistent with what Byron Sharp writes about mass marketing in How Brands Grow.

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