A Twitter thread brought to my attention a couple of unfamiliar marketing analysis frameworks.

The first is TOWS, which is a variation on the familiar acronym SWOT.  An article on the Oxford College of Marketing website explains:

« Similar to a SWOT, a TOWS analysis will involve the identification of an organisation’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats; however, often a key criticism of a SWOT analysis is that it doesn’t show the relationships between the different factors and categories. For example, a particular threat might make a weakness much more significant. Whereas a TOWS analysis will look to match internal factors to external factors to help identify relevant strategic options that an organisation could pursue. It can help an organisation to see how it can take advantage of opportunities, reduce threats, overcome weaknesses and exploit any strengths. »

The second one (another acronym) is described in an article titled An Overview of the PESTEL Framework:

« You can judge 6 types of environmental influences in the PESTEL framework. They are political, economic, social, technological, environmental and legal. You should not see these factors as independent factors. They are all interdependent. For example, technological advances can affect the economy in different markets. »

« The different macro-environmental factors can affect business strategies. »

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