Kimberly A. Whitler wrote an article for Forbes titled 10 Questions MBA Students Should Consider Before Accepting A Marketing Job.

« Of the companies I’m evaluating, do I know how profitable are each company’s products, especially on the margin? “Products with high marginal profits tend to have large marketing budgets. It makes sense since each marginal product sold drops big profits to the bottom line. Products with relatively low marginal profitability cannot sustain bigger marketing budgets, so they cannot attract and retain top marketing talent. So, you won’t get good experience and training. Brutal, but true. This concept applies also to specific products and brands within a larger company. Not all brands are equal. Work hard to get assigned, over time, to the products where you will develop the most.” »

« Should I consider a marketing job in a startup right out of school? “Only if you’re a gambler. You’ll take a bigger risk in your career path with this choice. Eric Ries says, “a startup is a human institution designed to deliver a new product or service under conditions of extreme uncertainty.” Steve Blank says, “a startup is a temporary organization used to search for a repeatable and scalable business model.” Most startups are under-capitalized, led by people without significant marketing experience and destined to fail. So, the odds are high that you’ll lose your job without learning much about marketing; however, startups can be fun, exciting and hold the allure of a potential big payoff (with odds roughly equal to buying a Lotto ticket). On the other hand, it’s impossible to learn how to do a startup while sitting on the 9th floor of your mega-corporation (no matter how “nimble” the company recruiter claims it is).” »

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