Mathew Broughton wrote an article for ExchangeWire titled Digital Ad Fraud: How the Money Flows.

«  in this exclusive article for ExchangeWire, Dr Augustine Fou, independent ad fraud researcher, discusses how the money flows to the advertising conmen. »

« There aren’t enough humans alive on earth to generate the more than one trillion bid requests per day that flows through programmatic exchanges. »

« And don’t buy the BS about sourced traffic being legitimate because they come from content discovery platforms. Of course, some humans click that click-bait, but if you just take a 1% click through rate (10 clicks in 1000 impressions), it would take 100,000 impressions to deliver 1000 clicks worth of traffic. That’s 100x too costly to make the economics work. So the only way to reliably get 1000 clicks is to create it all.  »

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