Carl Panteny wrote a blog post titled We don’t need influencers. We need customers who influence.

« Not only [have] Influencer Marketing practices been questioned and even legislated for (hence the #ad requirement), they are now losing trust. »

« The Drum published an article stating 96% of people in the UK do not trust what influencers say. »

« As ever, the issue is with its execution. Rather than the concept. »

« Word of mouth has always been the most trusted form of marketing. From friends, family and those we look up to. »

« In my opinion, this there is another way to utilise influencers and their audience. Get them involved in the R&D.

Have an idea for a product or course? Want to test a concept? Release it early to key influencers in the sector. Let them be part of its creation. The shaping of its final form.

Imagine how much leverage you will gain from an influencer saying, “I helped to create this.”  »

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