Bob Hoffman wrote a blog post titled Branding and Grandstanding.

« Creating a well-known, desirable brand is the highest attainment of advertising. There are people who would disagree and say that creating a best-selling product is advertising’s highest attainment. They are wrong. Advertising alone cannot create a best-selling brand or product. There are far too many elements in marketing, and business in general, that influence product sales. Advertising cannot affect product quality, distribution, pricing, product design, etc. As Mark Ritson often points out, marketing is a lot more than communication.»

« And yet brand babblers seem to think that every business problem is a branding problem.  »

« Many well-known and respected brands have died ignominious deaths (e.g., Polaroid, Oldsmobile, Kodak) — not necessarily because their “branding” sucked, but because either their products couldn’t cut it anymore, or they fell behind the competition, or their financials were cockeyed, or some non-communication aspects of their marketing strategy were inadequate. »

« To wit, I suspect that one of the economic consequences of the current [ Corona virus, COVID-19 ] tragedy will be the demise of several “major brands” who have been living on investor money instead of operational income. »

Bob Hoffman is the author of Advertising For Skeptics (2020) and BadMen: How Advertising Went From a Minor Inconvenience to a Major Menace (2017) and several other books.

And here are some more books on brand building and marketing.

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