Polly Mackenzie wrote an article for Unherd titled Simplicity is at the root of policy failures.

« We have infinite ability to understand the complexity of our own lives. But when we think about other people? The details get blurred… »

« This is an affliction that runs right through the heart of policy making. We build models and spreadsheets to establish what the impact of a policy might be. To fit into those spreadsheets, the people have to be grouped into categories of similar people, and then all the inconvenient and incompatible details of their lives have to be stripped away. »

« That yearning for simplicity is at the root of countless policy failures.  »

« We have to stop with the cookie cutter policies, imposed on everyone as if we were all identical… Complicated and tricky is everywhere you look. »

I am reminded a quote attributed to Einstein: “Everything Should Be Made as Simple as Possible, But Not Simpler.”

simplistic (adjective) characterized by extreme simplism; oversimplified:

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