Dr. Rick Brinkman wrote an article for the McGraw-Hill Business Blog titled LIGHTS, CAMERA, MEETINGS: How to Look Great on Video.

« FRAMING: The Rule of Thirds

Perhaps you have heard of the rule of thirds if you do photography or video. It’s simple, you divide the frame vertically into thirds and horizontally into thirds. Many cameras and the iPhone have this feature built in which you can turn on.

The ideal place for the subject, which in this case is you, is at the cross section of a vertical and horizontal third.

Pay attention the next time you watch a movie or television show and you will see how the subject is positioned at the meeting of vertical and horizontal thirds. That’s because your eyes naturally focus there. »

Rick Brinkman is author of Dealing With People You Can’t Stand: How to Bring Out the Best in People at Their Worst, Dealing With Meetings You Can’t Stand: Meet Less and Do More, and Dealing with Difficult People: 24 Lessons for Bringing Out the Best in Everyone Personal Handbook.

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