Mark C. Crowley wrote an article titled The “Depressing”​ Reason Our Workplaces Have Gone From Bad To Worse (December 5, 2018).

« You likely already know that only half of all working Americans admit to being satisfied in their jobs, and the percentage of engaged workers around the globe has barely budged and remains near the rock-bottom levels Gallup first reported in 2012… Numerous new studies suggest our workplaces have not gotten better – they’ve grown even worse. »

« a remarkable new book by journalist (and life-long depression sufferer), Johann Hari: Lost Connections: Uncovering The Real Causes Of Depression – And The Unexpected Solutions»

« While reading Hari’s book, I was struck by how much of the “disconnection” so many of us feel in our lives comes from our day-to-day experience at work… It’s the eight-plus hours a day we spend in our jobs where Hari shows our spirits aren’t being fed »

« So How Do We Fix This?  »

« Give People Permission To Disconnect – And Hold The Line.. .  Give people permission to be off e-mail from 7PM to 7AM based on their own time zone.  In real emergencies, texts and phone calls can be made; managers who fail to honor this direction must be called out…  Ensure no meetings are held after 3PM.»

« Commit To Making Employee Well-Being A Core And Comprehensive Strategy    »

« Make Everyone Feel Connected To Their Team And To All Of Its Successes »


Mark C. Crowley is author of Lead from the Heart.

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