Brian Solis wrote a blog post titled What is the purpose of a logo? It’s more than design…it’s about purpose and experience.

« the logos of Airbnb, Beats, Flipboard and Medium all seem to be based on designs featured in a 1989 design book, Trademarks & Symbols of the World: The Alphabet in Design. The. same. book. »

« I often talk about the importance of iteration versus innovation. While both are important, if “innovation” is an essential pillar in your brand, then iteration in design based on previous work communicates the something entirely different.

  • Iteration (doing the same things better).
  • Innovation (doing new things that create new value).
  • Disruption (doing the new things that make the old things obsolete).  »

« logos need to communicate quite a bit in one visual… ID + Distinction + Communication.  »

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